Qs & As

Where are you located?

We currently have one pod at Bennington Elementary and one pod at Molly Stark Elementary. Our goal is to open up a 2nd pod of students at Ben El this Fall.

What’s a pod?

A pod is the group of children we are working with. We only have 6-8 children in a pod, and they start in 1st grade and continue in that same group until 6th grade.

How do kids get into the Seedlings Program?

Because we offer private tutoring, creative play, emotional support, and supplemental snack there are many reasons a child could be recommended for the program. We rely on teachers and administrators to recommend students, though. Students might be there for additional academic support, or might just need an extra place to play and be supported.

When do you meet?

The program runs on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 3pm-4:30pm at both Molly Stark and Bennington Elementary during the school year.

Are tutors and volunteers the same?

No. Our tutors are trained and employed by the Tutorial Center. Each tutor has two children they work directly with. Tutors come in everyday we meet, and work with their two students for 30 minutes each.

So what are the volunteers doing?

The volunteers are responsible for getting snack there and set up by 3pm. We provide gift cards to grocery stores for whoever is putting snack together. The volunteers stay the entire hour and a half and help facilitate the students snack, play time, and going to tutoring. Many of our volunteers love to bring in activities and games for the students. We also have one volunteer that takes attendance of students and reports back with a quick description of the day.

How often do you have to volunteer?

Our volunteers are only required to do one day per week. So we have a group of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday volunteers. Consistency is extremely important, so we ask that volunteers be committed to at least 6 months.

What if a volunteer gets sick or calls out?

We have a system set up for this! When a volunteer knows they will be absent they let us know in advance. Each month a calendar goes out with dates calling for substitutes and fill ins. When someone calls out unexpectedly we start calling all of our volunteers looking for a substitute. We prefer to have at least 3 volunteers on each day.

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