End of Year Celebration

Seedlings just closed out its 4th year and what an incredible journey it’s been! On the last day of May we came together at Catamount Connections to bring our students, their families, and our volunteers together to celebrate the end of the year. We bussed our students over from Molly Stark and walked our students over from Bennington Elementary. Many parents were already waiting for us when we arrived. Students ran in and grabbed the hands of family members and guardians to drag them around to explore. There were teams of students and adults in line for pizza, making art, riding the smoothie bike, hula hooping, and more. Everyone enjoyed an afternoon of games, crafts, delicious smoothies blended by our students as they pedaled a smoothie bike, and lots of pizza and ice cream (almost 4 gallons!). Thank you to every volunteer who donated food and helped things run so smoothly! We could not run without our dedicated volunteers.

Lastly, thank you to all of the parents and guardians who believe in this program, for having to pick up your child at 4:30 three days a week, and for making the long-term commitment that is Seedlings. We are so grateful for your little ones!

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